Acceptance of Terms

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Payment Terms

The company should invoice the client for the net amount owed for the services, subject to any particular terms agreed in writing or displayed on the company website.

On the date of payment specified in the quote or contract, the client shall pay the price of the Services.

The contract’s time limit for payment of the price shall apply. As soon as the payment is received, a receipt will be sent.

Any business loss or damage incurred by the client as a result of or in connection with the services supplied, whether brought on by the company’s fault, the negligence of its employees, or any other reason, shall be paid.

The customer is responsible for making sure that, unless otherwise specified, instructions on the use of are followed in accordance with the guidance provided by the company or any applicable governmental or regulatory authority.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer stops working and requests a refund within 30 days of the work’s beginning or the first payment date, whichever comes first, it will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Based on the job accomplished, the initial payment will be reduced by the hourly rate specified in the Termination clause of the contract (or, in the absence of such a statement, 15 USD per hour), and the remaining amount will be refunded to the client. If the agreed-upon payments are not explicit, the project is not deemed to be null and void.

In case more work than the amount covered by the initial payment has been accomplished at the time the refund request is made. In that instance, the client will be responsible for paying for all work accomplished at the hourly rate specified in the contract between the client and Xpress Ranking (or, if not specified, at the cost of $15 per hour) upon receipt of which the customer will receive the code.

No part of this first payment will be reimbursed unless a written request is submitted within 30 days of the signing of the agreement or the first payment date, whichever comes first.

A project won’t be deemed null until the agreed-upon payments have been made in full.

The refund policy is not applicable if the information needed for the project’s successful completion is not provided to us at the appropriate time. The company cannot be held responsible if the project’s completion is delayed or fails due to poor customer communication.

For the period when the services have already been rendered, there will be no reimbursement. If the client is dissatisfied with any aspect of the work, he must inform the sales team within 48 hours and request any reductions for the lost work. Any discussions held at a later period or time will not be considered.

Imagine that the client’s information is insufficient and that the project’s complete specifics are not provided from the outset. In that situation, the business is not required to keep its delivery or refund promises.

There is no provision for payment for delivery delays unless a contract is signed, including a penalty clause for delays.

Refund Process : How the money will be transferred

If you used a credit card to make the payment, the money would be sent to your credit card account, and it could take up to 6-7 business days for it to appear in your account.

Your refund will be given to you by check or bank transfer if you paid by money order or cheque.